2019 Questionnaire

We would like to take this opportunity to Thank You for your patronage… It’s time to think about our 2019 travel calendar! Your input is always greatly appreciated. We will base our 2019 calendar from your top choices. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email us… Cheers! *Note* if you are on our mailing list you will receive this in the regular mail with a self addressed stamped envelope.

(F) = Includes Flying – (M) = Motor Coach Only

Tour                                                                                             Interested                          Not Interested        

Jan – Maya Tour – Merida, Yucatan Mexico. (F)         O _____________           O ______________
The region holds 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.  Join us as we take a step back in time to a period where the Maya civilization built the architectural wonders.

Feb – Florida – Key West or Miami & Orlando (F)      O_____________            O______________
We’ll visit Cape Canaveral and the Everglades and more on this fun trip. Or visit Miami & Key West only?

Mar – Ashland (M)                                                                     O_____________            O______________
We won’t know what month to go until the Shakespeare Schedule comes out… we enjoyed some great plays in 18!

Apr – Tri Cities with Snake River Tour (M)                   O_____________            O______________
Enjoy the Snake River Valley on this 4 ½ hour cruise on the Columbia and Snake Rivers, passing through the locks at Ice Harbor Dam. We’ll also tour some other interesting sites in the area like the LIGO lab & Hanford site.

Apr – Sedona & Moab with Monument Valley (F)      O_____________            O______________
Enjoy some of the most stunning red rock country on earth & the famous monoliths of Monument Valley.

May – Washington DC (F)                                                      O_____________            O______________
A powerful place! DC has evolved into a fascinating, lively world… We have great guides on this one!

Jun – NE Oregon & Beyond (M)                                          O_____________            O______________
Breathtaking beauty and diversity… An area steeped in history stretching from the foot of the Blue Mountains to the heights of the Wallowas.

Jun – Philadelphia (F)                                                             O_____________            O______________
Brimming with history… home to America’s most sacred historic sites that stand side-by-side with the hustle and bustle of a 21st-century city.

Jul –  Mt Rainier & St Helens or ??? (M)                        O_____________            O______________
Mt Rainier… the highest peak in the Cascade Range at 14,411 feet. Mt St Helens… on May 18th, 1980 the eruption of Mount St. Helens disrupted the lives of thousands and changed more than 200 square miles. I would love to have your input on this one!

Jul – Alaska land tour! (F)                                                    O_____________            O______________
This is some of the most gorgeous scenery in the world… we will take you off the beaten path to see the real Alaska-the last frontier! We are planning this one now… we had to move it from our 2018 calendar!

Aug – Trail to the Redwood Forest (M)                          O_____________            O______________
Journey with us to a place declared to be America’s most scenic country and home to the world’s tallest trees! Everything you’ve heard is true. Getting there is half the fun… now start packing!

Aug – Mackinac Island upstate Michigan (F)              O_____________            O______________
A truly “all natural” theme park of America. Its real Victorian image is preserved as you step back in time. We had to cancel this one a few years back… but we have had a lot of requests to try it again.

Sep – South Dakota (F)                                                          O_____________            O______________
Come explore a place steeped in history… filled with sky-piercing granite peaks, America’s most famous mountain, Mount Rushmore, and the mountain sized Crazy Horse Memorial.

Sep – Italy (F)                                                                             O_____________            O______________
We’ll “hub & spoke” (this is when we’ll stay in one place and tour different cities each day) out of Montecatini in the heart of northern Tuscany, between Lucca and Florence. We’ll visit famous cities and some off the beaten path locations on this fantastic tour.

Sep – San Francisco & the California Coast (?)         O_____________            O______________
Crashing waves, rolling fog, sheer rocky cliffs, and pleasant bends and curves make a trip along the Coast unforgettable. I would love to have your input… SF only or down their coastline? Up our coast? Fly or motor-coach?

Sep –  Crater Lake & K-Falls (M)                                      O_____________            O______________
The Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway skirts lakes, diverse wetlands, and scenic ranches, all against a stunning backdrop of volcanic landscapes.

Oct – Maine in the Fall (F)                                                   O_____________            O______________
From the iconic lighthouses perched along sparkling bays to Portland’s cobblestone streets boasting award-winning restaurants, Maine offers unique experiences!

Oct – Washington Wine Tour – Yakama (M)              O_____________            O______________
A new wine region has appeared amongst the rivers, lakes, and mountains of Central Washington. Bordered by the towering Cascade Mountains. The second largest producer in the country… Their wine is outstanding!

Oct – Lake Quinault (M)                                                       O_____________            O______________
The Olympic National Forest is part of an emerald paradise. The forest is located on the Olympic Peninsula, in the northwest corner of Washington state.

Oct – Charlotte & Myrtle Beach (F)                                 O_____________            O______________
Take in a foot-stomping show at the Carolina Opry, (they are known for their theaters) or cheer on your favorite knight at Medieval Times. Stop for ice cream along the South Carolina coast line. It will be in the high 70’s to low 80’s in October! This is a beautiful beach community that a lot of west coast folks don’t know about.

Nov – San Diego (F)                                                                O_____________            O______________
Imagine 70 miles of sun-drenched coast, an inviting ocean, and a year-round daily forecast of 70°F. We might need a break from the rainy Northwest in November!

Dec – Christmas Ships in Seattle (M)                             O_____________            O______________
We reconnected with our old friend Jeff and the Fantasy Crew… We’ll have a private cruse ship for a 3-day adventure highlighting the Christmas Ships in Seattle. Many brightly lit vessels, gathering at different communities to spread Christmas cheer. We’ll listen to a local choir and join in the caroling.

Montreal & Quebec City (F)                                                O_____________            O______________
Montreal is considered the cultural capital of Canada and is a cosmopolitan celebration. Quebec City is a gorgeous city surrounded by breathtaking landscapes with European charm and exquisite cuisine. We could do this tour in the Summer or go during the Christmas season when the cities are decked out for the holidays? Both are beautiful!

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