2018 Summer

Chicago – May 25th – 30th 2018

Welcome to Chicago – a world-class city of unsurpassed beauty, attracting visitors from around the world, with entertainment and character to charm even the most discerning urbanite. See the world’s first skyscraper, visit Frank Lloyd Wright’s home and workshop, explore Millennium Park in the heart of downtown, experience The Art Institute of Chicago… housing one of the world’s most notable art collections. Whatever your passion – find it in Chicago!

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Newfoundland & Labrador – June 12th – 24th 2018

Welcome to “the Far East of the Western World” full of history, culture, and eccentric character… Your journey through Newfoundland & Labrador will be inspiring… See incredible sea-birds, whales and immense icebergs. Learn about the history of Vikings and world heritage sites… Experience the streets of St John’s and the grand coastal views of the Atlantic Ocean it’s known for. Join us on a journey that will uplift your spirits in “the Far East of the Western World”!

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Hurricane Ridge & the San Juan Islands – August 5th – 10th 2018

It’s time to breathe the fresh, mile-high air on Hurricane Ridge, just south of Port Angeles, in the Olympic National Park. You’ll feel you’re on top of the world, and you actually are! The ruggedly carved mountain range contrasts with the soft fields of wild flowers in the subalpine meadows below. Next, it’s Anchors Away! Cruise the pristine waters and narrow passageways aboard the Chinook. View Orca whales, and other wildlife, on a 3 day cruise you’ll never forget! We’ll end this journey in the Emerald City, Seattle, where we have some fantastic things planned!

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