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Chanda Bosanac
Certified International Travel Director (ITMI)

I have a B.S. from John Brown University in Siloam Springs, AR in Wellness Management

When I was a little girl, my father made several trips to what is now the former Soviet Union. I remember watching him pack his bags with items like soft toilet paper and clothes to leave there in order to have space to bring items home. I sensed his excitement to go. Upon his return he’d have wonderful stories, beautiful pictures and special gifts like matroyshka dolls!

For sure this planted a seed in me. When I was 16 it was time to secure my own passport and away to Venezuela I went. The impact was profound. In college I went to Northern Ireland and after this, I was hooked and the trickle became a flood. Mexico, Canada, Africa, Europe, the Middle East… my mind was being transformed and ever since I have placed a high value on learning about different cultures.

I always thought however that travel was for “vacation time” only. For the first 15 years of my professional career I spent climbing the corporate ladder. Doing very well but longing for something much more than success. It wasn’t until I attended the International Tour Management Institute in San Francisco that my eyes were open to travel as a career.

Today, I absolutely adore watching the transformation of people in new places having new experiences. Their discovery of courage they thought they never had, compassion for others, and the rising above inconveniences of not being “home” are my delights. Yet, most of all, I love watching people give themselves permission… to rest.

My hope and goal for everyone travelling with OregonWest Excursions is that they would tap into the world of wonder and awe through the gift of rest. We’ve taken steps to create an adventurous and restful space in time and the permission to come alive to a new form of rest and relaxation. That’s my goal as your Travel Director. The details have been DONE, now sit back, invite your peace to come and let’s go!

Places I need to see: Minnesota! (Seriously, I meant Minnesota ) Varanasi, India, Northern Lights in Lapland, Lake District in the UK, Republic of Dagestan, Bali during a festival, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Now… if we could all just get along.

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