The 20 Plus Club

The Plus 20 Club

These are our customers who have been on 20 or more overnight trips with us!
We feel this is the best testimony of our tours.
A very special thank you to the below individuals.

If you have traveled on 20 or more overnight tours and
are not on this list we would love to hear from you!
A Special gift awaits you in our office!

Peggy Misner
Sharon Kemnitz
Kathy Fleck
Helen Baker
Liz Petrick
Lois Derrick
Martin Pitchford
Lynell Litkey
Mary Farris
Jennet Frank
Dolly Hamilton
Marilyn Kirk
Nancy Hughes
Ken Linbocker
Pat Rawlinson
Ed and DeEtte Rood
Jim and Nancy Tedrow
Jean Wollenburg
Betsy Enos
Marge McCanse
Mary Lu Snodgrass